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Classic television memorabilia covering every show that aired on television since 1960

There are 26 file drawers of television shows that are currently running or have run through the years. Many of the programs are still running in syndication in the United States and abroad.

These files include episodic press releases and photographs. There are some shows in the files that aired prior to 1960 but material is sparse primarily because not much information was released by the networks in those days nor was much published by local newspapers who viewed television as a threat to their advertisers.

Estimated content: 19,110 photos and 36,624 sheets of paper covering every show that aired on television from 1960 forward.

Sample Files
The content contained in each file varies and there is no “representative” file. Click on the following randomly selected files to see the content in each:

A random sampling of titles:
Alias Smith and Jones
All In the Family
Andy Griffith Show
Archie Bunker’s Place
Ben Casey
Electric Company
Flip Wilson Show
It Takes A Thief
McMillan and Wife
Medical Center
Melrose Place
Paul Lynde Show
Petticoat Junction
Private Benjamin
Quantum Leap
Real People
Red Skelton Hour
Room 222
Route 66
Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in
Space Rangers
Star Trek Voyager
Starsky and Hutch
Staying Afloat
Step By Step
Streets of San Francisco
Suddenly Susan
That Girl
Three’s Company

Plus every TV show since 1960!
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