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An extraordinary, exclusive TV collection presents an incredible business, research and philanthropic value

Classified by programming genre such as TV series and specials, movies and documentaries, as well as by individual stars (biographical), the collection is encased in the original filing cabinets used by the publishers of the television guide inserts. File upon file of extraordinary, classic TV memorabilia is meticulously filed by genre and constitutes a one-of-a-kind archive of materials. In keeping with the original intent and spirit of the archive, the Vonetes family looks forward to the continued use of their TV collection for business and research purposes.

Expertly appraised at a value of more than $1 million, this vast archive is a gold mine of materials that, when acquired, is especially suited to various business and philanthropic missions.

Reference and historical research
As a reference library for a publishing or broadcast concern, this collection could form the cornerstone of the most complete history of television ever assembled.

Digital content licensing
Using digital technology, the entire archive will be scanned and archived. This archive will provide the most complete reference sites on American television programming online today.

Tax-deductible philanthropic donation
The basic expert appraisal of this collection can be requested by emailing, and supports a valuation of more than $1 million. Experts indicate that a more detailed and extensive appraisal will likely result in a higher valuation, providing the basis for tax benefits from donating this collection to a recognized organization. Please consult your tax advisor for details on such donations.

Substantial break-up value
The basic appraisal of the collection was derived from evaluating it in its entirety as a single archive. However, many of the individual files form mini-collections with potentially higher break-up value when sold to fans and collectors.

What's this collection worth?

We commissioned a basic appraisal of this collection by a respected valuation company. As there are virtually no other collections of this size and scope, it was a difficult undertaking. We can only estimate its true value based on some basic business criteria.

Among the few collections that have been available in the past, one small collection that was comprised of files that covered television information for a span of about 10 years from the early 1970's to the early 1980's was sold for approximately $350,000 in 1986. According to our best information, that earlier collection was subsequently donated to a university library by the philanthropist who had acquired it. In contrast, the Vonetes collection covers everything about television from 1959 to the present day. The Voneteses have diligently filed and maintained this collection religiously over the years.

We believe that the physical collection is worth well over $1.5 million. Many of the pictures in this collection are now extremely rare; some of the individual files in this collection will appeal to collectors. But as an archive in its entirety, this collection provides one of the most complete historical snapshots of the history of American television.

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